Thursday, February 16, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

With my newfound knowledge and appreciation for Pinterest, I created a board and gathered lots of cute ideas for Valentine's the kids could give out.  Then I gathered the three oldest of our clan and let them each choose one from my "board" to do.  Here is what they chose:

Carly wanted these sharks and the tag reads:
"Of all the fish in the sea, I'm glad we swim in the same school!"

 This was Connor's choice.

And the ever trendy Abi wanted an iPod for each of her friends with kiss ear buds too!

Speaking of trendy, the girls let me try out a special V-Day hairdo:

Todd educates students at the Community College Tuesday and Thursday evenings, so that put a very minor crimp in our plans to be together, we had a Valentine's Dinner with the family last night of Ribs, Artichokes ( kids love to eat them, really!) and fancy Mac N Cheese (the kids didn't like it, just Kraft for this crowd).  Todd got me the cutest skirt and top from Urban Wear at the mall and I cannot wait to wear them.

Sadly, the first occasion I will be wearing them at will be at the funeral for Todd's Grandma White. 

After battling cancer for many years, she was able to be reunited with her amazing companion yesterday.  I can't stop grinning at how happy those two must be together holding hands again.  

This picture was taken last May when we went down to the farm for a visit.  I will always have the greatest memories of Grandma down on the farm.  She hardly ever sat still, as she was busy making sure that our stomachs were full to the gills, and of course, then she would spend countless hours cleaning up from her delicious meals.  There was always a puzzle sitting out on a table, for us to just sit down at any moment and visit for a spell and take our sweet time putting it together.

I love you grandma White, you are a shining example to me!  Carly thinks you are a butterfly now, a butterfly flying with Grandpa, because he is a butterfly too.

When we told the kids about her passing, Carly's little arms shot up in the air and she yelled out "Yes!  Now she's together with grandpa!"  It's incredible how our little ones must truly grasp the celebration going on beyond this earthly life.

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Sarah said...

Your Valentines turned out so cute! Was it a ton of work? It looks like it! But Pinterest has some pretty awesome ideas on it. That's cool that you let the kids choose the ones they wanted to make for their classmates. I love how their choices totally reflect their personalities. :)

Carly is such a cutie. Her reaction at her great-grandmother's passing was so sweet. It's so true. And aren't we grateful that we have that knowledge? Death is a reunion for those who have passed on and for those we have lost, the loss is only temporary. What a blessing to know that we will see them again someday.