Friday, January 24, 2014

Mel's Office

In October of 2013, I became a licensed Realtor!  Woot-woot!!!  This means, I need an office to call my own.  One that isn't in the unfinished basement, next to the dryer with the children running in and out Octonauts blaring in the background.  We moved the boys into the basement and I took over their space (literally, it was a space room, remember?).
Little Dakota was such a big helper during the whole process.  Oh my gosh!!!  Don't you want to just bite those cheeks!?!

Two of my very most favorite colors are orange and green.  I inherited some gorgeous embroidered birds from my very creative Grandma Spencer that went perfectly with my color scheme, so I selected my paint colors from those little birdy pictures and carried the colors onto the ceiling.
That's right!  A sunburst painted right onto the ceiling.  Doesn't it just inspire you to dream a little bigger?  That's what I was hoping it would do for me.

From my other hard working grandma, I inherited a beautiful China Cabinet.  I was super anxious to try my hand at a DIY Chalk Paint project, and here was the perfect candidate for it.
The formula that I used for my DIY Chalk Paint was

 2 1/2 T Plaster of Paris mixed with 1 1/2 T Water

Add to

1 Cup Latex Paint in color of your choice

I wiped all the dust off of the cabinet, removed the drawers and shelves and took the glass panes out of the doors.  The first layer of chalk paint goes on quite thin, but dries quickly and the second coat has a lot more coverage.  Once all of that has dried, I chipped off a few spots and sanded in a few spots to give the cabinet more of a shabby chic look.  Then comes the wax.  Using an old tshirt, I wiped it on and wiped it off, just like Mister Miyagi taught me.  The next day, she was dry and protected, ready to be filled with all of my favorite creative tidbits.

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