Wednesday, January 10, 2007

B I G Purchase

So we had an opportunity to purchase a place here in Hawaii. When we told what I am about to tell you below to Todd's brother, he quickly told us it was a "No Brainer." So, here's to no brainers. I hope it all works out in the end the way we planned.

Okay. We had been emailing the Bishop notifying him of when we would be returning to Hawaii and asking him to forward to us any listings he found for housing within our ward boundaries. He mentioned in one email that there was a property up for sale in the "prestigious" Marco Polo building. It was being sold as a lease with option to buy. So I asked the Bishop if he could give me the number of the person selling it, as Todd and I had a few questioned we would like answered.

It turns out that he was the one selling the condo. He gave us the numbers and the following day (after Todd and I ran the numbers without our accountant brothers help) I told the Bishop thanks, but no thanks. There was no way we could afford it.

We sat on it and Todd and Adam talked about it constantly. So Adam began "running the numbers" and put together a few plans for Todd to look at. After we arrived in Utah, and Todd and Adam had sold me on the idea, we emailed Bishop and told him we would take the place. He said we would talk about it when we all arrived in Honolulu.

So, on January 9th, we met at the Bishops house. He had given us the rundown of everything and asked us how we were going to afford it. In my mind I was asking all the same questions. But I have great faith in my husband and Adam's work and the fact that I had prayed a lot about this decision and knew that it would work out okay...even though on paper it doesn't work out to me.

January 10th Bishop gave the current tenants their 30 days notice and we get to move into our new home on the 10th of February! I am so excited and very nervous. I just don't see how we are going to be able to afford to eat but know that as long as we pay our tithing and fast offerings and do what is right, we won't die of starvation. Sure, the food won't be very tasty or varying, but we'll survive.

If anyone is looking for a babysitter or someone to make cards or scrapbook for them, let me know. I could do it for a couple bucks. Heaven knows that if I want any new clothes, I'll have to earn the money on my own.

Okay, back to the Condo and away from my pity party. We have great plans to gut the place and remodel. I am very anxious to get the work started and see this project completed. It will be the first work Todd and I have done together since our home in Taylorsville. I have had the decorating bug and have had to use it on family members and friends (thanks Suzy, moms, Angie, Kel, Tish and Lindsay for putting up with my crazy ideas). So now I get to use it on myself. Let me tell you, Todd is the most difficult client I have had to work for!

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