Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Since arriving here, we have a lot of evenings that we need something to occupy our minds with. What better way to spend these evenings than to fry our brains with the images that come through a television screen.

Heck, we live next door to a Blockbuster...it's so convenient to rent a show. And there is no way I can watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory again. Connor has watched that thing 3 times a day since September. It's time to give it a break already.

So, I am devoting this blog to the movies that we have seen in the last little while. Consider it my personal reviews of the shows. I hope you enjoy it....and as I am typing this, please know that I am watching "Nacho Libre." That is a favorite. I will list the ones that I recommend you NOT see at the very bottom. Green means Go, Red means No.

Okay, so some of the very best shows that I have seen this year are:
An Inconvenient Truth
This show has Al Gore telling us about Global Warming. Yeah, there is some political propoganda...but if you can look past it all, it is a very well made film with an extremely important message. After watching it, Todd and I logged on to the website to see what suggestions were offered to help make a difference. There were a lot of small things, but if all of us do a lot of small things, then they will become a big thing. Everyone should see this show. It is very interesting and eye opening.

Dream Girls
If you have not heard of this show, pull your head out of the sand. It is a very strong musical. There are a lot of aspects of the show that I didn't like. Karen put it best when she said, "There isn't any one character that you can like throughout the whole film". Which is so true. It made me think, is there anyone who likes themselves throughout their entire lives? See, I don't really like myself right now. My face has completely broken out and I am having a really hard time losing my baby weight. But, I can make changes in my life that will help me to like myself again. The characters in the show had the opportunity to make changes in their lives so they could like themselves again. Some took those chances and others didn't. The music is outstanding. If you don't see the movie (Jennifer Hudson is outstanding) at least listen to the soundtrack. If you are going to see it, it MUST be seen in the theater to really hear the power in Jennifer's voice...WOW.

Over the Hedge
With Connor around, I try to get a few shows that I know he will like. He enjoyed this one, and so did I. There is one moment in the film where R.J. talks about how humans worship food. He totally nails that one on the head. It doesn't only apply to food, but it shows how obsessed we are over certain things. I loved how it put things into perspective. I also liked that it entertained Connor for a few hours so I could get the dishes done and a few loads of laundry.

Nacho Libre
Laugh. Phrases. Stupidity. When I have had a rough day, and I don't want to think, this is the movie for me to watch. I can always laugh at how disgusting Nacho is, how humorous the lines are and how I don't relate to any of the characters. I love stupidity....humorous stupidity.

I always tell Todd that I just want to skip to the dance scene. I love to watch people dancing (a la Napoleon Dynamite). And I love Albert Brennaman. He reminds me so much of my cutest brother-in-law Ike (no offense to the other brother-in-laws, you're all cute too). I don't like how the two main characters aren't very good at communicating. I should learn a lesson from that and try to improve my communication skills with Todd. Sometimes I assume things without asking.

Pride & Predjudice
The A&E version (thanks Kel & Tish for introducing this one to me). The very best chick-flick in the whole wide world. It makes me fall in love with my husband all over again. Just the idea of a romance like that...I know Todd and I don't have a romance exactlylike that but hey, he was once unattainable and I was kind of all wrong for him, but we are living happily ever after too!

American Dreams with Mandy Moore and Hugh Grant. The characters they play have absolutely no morals. It's a real shame.

A Prairie Home Companion with Lindsay Lohan and Meryl Streep. Don't waste your energy or time. Kind of vulgar and depressing. Lame story line too.

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