Saturday, January 27, 2007

It's just poopy

Oh how I love my son. We went to Home Depot so we could price out some things before we begin the remodel on our place. Of course, we took our two beautiful children with us. I mean, everyone knows just how much children love to sit in a stroller as their parents cart them through a store.

So we walked up and down the aisles. The kids did great in the lighting aisle. Connor got himself out of the seat in the carpet aisle and by the tile aisle he was out and running around. So, I handed the stroller to Todd and said, "Go price things by yourself, I will chase after Connor."

Connor was having a great time, and I didn't mind following him around, he would occasionally go into an aisle of interest to me, and I would drill prices into my head. I heard a small whine of a baby, and knew that it was Abi. So I figured that Connor was being a good kid, I could handle Abi and him while Todd priced things out, so I rescued Abi from Todd.

Abi and I followed Connor to the most boring aisle. The sprinklers. He found an empty bottom shelf with some wood planks and began walking across them and rolling in the dirt like a good boy should. I didn't mind, because he was happy, the clothes are washable, and so is he. He then found a corner (which means, you know what)...I didn't care, I was prepared with baby wipes and a diaper.

He stood back up and began walking across the planks again, when I noticed a spot on his pants and a streak of brown along his leg. I began to panic. I was not prepared with a second pair of pants. So I began to pray that Todd would come and help rescue me by bringing the stroller so we could whisk the kids away to the van to take care of some business.

My prayers weren't answered as quickly as I wanted. So I took action. With Abi in my left arm, I scooped Connor under my right arm. Only problem was, he wasn't finished playing. I didn't care (theme of this story, I don't care).

With Connor screaming in one arm, and Abi laughing in the other, the looks from the people were those of sympathy and humor. I was grateful for those understanding parents...made me realize that they had all been through this before and these types of experiences are what makes a parent stronger.

At the other end of the store was Todd. He saw me and tried as fast as he could to maneuver through the other customers and then he took Connor. We made it to the van, changed the kids diapers and continued our shopping experience in Costco. Sans Connor's shorts.

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