Thursday, February 1, 2007

The Name Game

I caught myself in the act of calling Connor "Bugaboo" again this morning. Yes, I have names that I call people who are close to me that aren't exactly the names given to them.

Todd likes to be called Todd. Todd only. Sometimes I can get away with "Toddy" and of course the ever so popular husband pet name "honey" (which can sometimes be heard by Connor when he is referring to his dad). But Todd will always be Todd. When I first started to date him, I was working at Country Furniture in Gardner Village. One of the managers saw him and began to call him "Hotty Toddy." That's where Toddy came from. For while there we only called each other babe. That one hasn't really stuck. Maybe it's cause we are no longer babes, just two old kids with babes of our own (any woman who has had a baby knows that the body no longer is babe worthy...okay, maybe I am the only one).

Connor has had many names given to him. Sister Stapley at the Institute used to call him Connor Bonner. Frank from Todd's work used to call him Conrado. On a bad day, I call him Conster Monster. On a good day, he is Bugaboo. I don't know why, it's just a cute name.

Abi....oh how we love that chub-a-lub. Flabigail, Abigirl, Flabby Abi, Ladybug (Connor has caught onto this one).

Suzy...I mean, Karen. My little sister was the first victim of name change. I thought the phrase "sistah soozeh" sounded cool. So, she was my sister, "sistah karen" just didn't flow as easily out of the mouth. So, she became "sistah soozeh". That was just way too long to say, so she became my Suzy. She will always be my Suzy. I love the name Karen...heck it was inspired by a James Taylor song, what isn't to love about it. But it's kind of like our little link of sisterdom...she calls me Mo. I'll take it. Connor doesn't know who Karen is, but Suzy...oh yeah!

My mom was the next to receive a name in the name book hall of fame. I remember a friend of hers telling me that she looked like Liza Minelli. At the time, I had no idea who she was. So I began to call her Liza. I saw pictures shortly mom is soooo much better looking than Liza. She only gets called that name now once in a blue moon. And since becoming a mom, I have learned just how important a name "mom" is. Only a child will call the one who loves, looks after them and lets them go "mom." It takes a really special person to be a mom.

So for all of my friends out there who I have called different names, please don't take it personally. It is a "term of endearment." And for all those who don't have pet just aren't endearing enough. JUST KIDDING!!! If anyone has a different name for me, thanks. If it is a bad word, stop using it. I will try to redeem myself.


Heather said...

What a gorgeous picture!!

Heather said...

Not that I take another don't look a thing like them! But you're all still gorgeous!