Monday, February 26, 2007

5 Things You Don't Know About Me

I was tagged by my friend Heidi, I needed something to write about!

1. Around the age of 8, my friends Pilly (Jill), Annette and I opened up our own dance studio (in my parents basement). We called the company "Jammin' Dancers." We charged $1 per month, per child (see picture above). We had 3 students: My little sister and Jill's two little sisters. We never got paid.

2. When I was about 10 years old, I was asked to dog-sit the primary president's dog. This meant I got the keys to her house and free reign of her backyard (the bear river runs through the back of it). I took the initiative to create invitations for an "eclipse party" to be thrown at her home. Dessert was cookies and lemonade from her pantry. Afterwards, re-decorated her home by re-arranging the furniture and pulling things out of storage that I thought would add a new light to her home. Thus, my career as an interior designer began...I did not get paid!

3. I was a participant in the Miss Murray pageant. I was 2nd attendant and Miss Congeniality. Once I announced my engagement to Todd, I was "stripped" of my title and it was passed onto another girl. I was no longer a Miss. I never received a crown or the scholarship money that I was supposed to get paid.

4. One story time, when I was in kindergarten, I had gotten sick of my chewing gum. It had grown rather stale and chomping on it was only making my jaws tired. We were not allowed to be chewing gum in class and I did not want to get caught, so I secretly stuck it under a cabinet. It must have fallen on the ground, because someone stepped on it and smooshed it into the carpet. I couldn't lie, so I fessed up to it. I had to stay after school and scrape it up using a piece of ice and a razor (can you believe they let a five year old handle something like that!). I didn't get paid for cleaning that up either!

5. Almost every day I am a waitress, baby walker, bill payer, laundry woman, dishwasher, cook, entertainer, peace maker, nurse, doctor, maid, repairman, decorator, demolisher, computer whiz, researcher, personal shopper, educator, visiting teacher, singer, actor, dancer, and motivator. I have finally found something I get paid for! The forms of payment: hugs, kisses, sweet glances, laughs, smiles, funny faces, and words of endearment.

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Elizabeth said...

I am a Heidi fan, and found you from her site. I liked reading about your Jammin Dancers. :) I started a preschool when I was eleven (must have had the same bug as you). I love the whole bit about rearranging the primary president's house. How hilarious!
I'm Tropical Velvet's sister. I had to double take when I realized you were tagging her. Small world.

Heather said...

Funny stories! Ok, I'm tagged, so do I just write about 5 random things?

onebusylady said...

Mel, I love your new family picture. You're as beautiful as ever, I can see how you were in the Miss Murray Pagent! Can't believe they "stripped" you of your title though!

I love the redecorating story, you are hilarious. I wish we'd had more time together when you lived here!