Friday, February 9, 2007

If the Shoe Fits

On Monday we had finally gotten everything moved into our new apartment and were beginning to get settled. With getting settled, you have to arrange for all of the new utilities to be set up. I had asked my friend Rachael if she could run me and the kids to the mall to set up our internet and cable.
sidenote: First off, yes, the cable/internet office is in the mall. How great is that! Other thing, Todd takes the van so I am vehicleless during the days. I would drive him, but it would just waste gas and he happens to leave work at the same time the kids are napping. That doesn't work! NEVER WAKE A SLEEPING BABY.

Okay, back to the story. We got the cable/internet arranged quickly and decided to eat some lunch at the mall and see if we could find Connor some new shoes.

Connor has worn the exact same shoes for 1 year. They are his favorite. They are the first thing he puts on in the morning and the last thing he takes off at night. I love them because they are plastic and easy to wash after a day at the beach and because they are black, they can pass off as Sunday shoes. So, needless to say, Connor only owns one pair of shoes.

We went to Payless, where I had purchased his first pair. They were a size 5, but they didn't have any in stock. I asked an employee if they had any in the back, and he told me that they were completely sold out, but I could order some on-line and have them delivered to the store for no extra charge. Yeah! Connor could have his shoes again.

Before we left, I asked the salesperson to measure Connor's foot just to be sure that I had him in the right size of shoe. Connor willingly took off his shoe and stood on the scale. My son had grown up. He was no longer a size 5, but a size 81/2.....wide!

I had been wondering why his toenails always seem to grow curling into the tips of his toes. Now I know why! In one more week Connor will have a properly fitting pair of shoes and I promise to check his feet size more often.

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