Friday, February 2, 2007

Moving Day

I am blogging so much today because I am stuck.

We moved almost everything we own into our new place yesterday. But because of all of the chaos going on in there, there was no way we could sleep there last night. So we spent one final night in our place here on Makaloa.

There is nothing for me to do. Everything is packed, the place has been cleaned and the kids are asleep. Isn't my life perfect! Todd is at work and school till 3pm, so here I sit with a laptop waiting for the responses from my ad on Craigslist to die down. No, I did not post myself for personal services.

The condo at Marco Polo was purchased with all of its furnishings. Before we moved in, there were 5 girls living there. So lets do the math:
5 Platform Bedframes
5 Twin Size Mattresses
5 Desks
5 Lamps
5 Comforters
5 Sets of Twin Shetts
2 Cabinets
5 Full Length Mirrors
5 Folding Chairs
2 Beautiful stools
1 Carved Table
1 Side Table
1 TV
1 DVD player
5 trash cans
5 Rolling Desk Chairs

Yeah, I'm trying to sell all of this stuff. That is, except, for one of the platforms and mattresses. It is going to make for an awesome fort underneath for Connor and a nice place to rest his head for naps and bedtime (he's been an a regular bed since August).

Okay, so selling this stuff has been a breeze. Craigslist has got to be one of the most fantastic creations. I posted this stuff at 7am this morning and it is now 12:30. All of the beds, desks, mattresses and bedding have been sold. That is, of course, assuming that everyone that has asked for this stuff actually shows to pick it up.

Back to moving day. Todd finished work and school around 2pm and he picked up our friends Mike and Becca. Becca was left here at the place on Makaloa to fend for herself and our two wee ones while Todd, Mike and I went to our storage unit to begin the move.

I LOVE opening our storage unit. Memories of a wonderful life first lived in Hawaii come flooding back to me. Not to mention the scrapbooks, materials, Connors first clothes, toys and a real bed all for ourselves!!! So we began the loading and got a lot of stuff in our van. So much stuff, that I had to squish myself between the front two seats. Let's just say that my hips have expanded some since delivering Abi, and I didn't squish to the floor. It wasn't too uncomfortable though. We made it to Marco Polo and began taking our stuff the the apartment. Two of the girls were moving there stuff out at the same time. They were living in the living room....the other two bedrooms had not been vacated yet, so we had only one room to put all of our things into.

The van got unloaded and it was time to go back. Todd said that he and Mike would go, and that I should stay and get things settled back at our new place. So I tried. Can't do too much when you can only work with one room and there are big beds taking up space with not place to store them. So I spent the time doing what I do best, talking. I visited with a neighbor that happens to be in the ward, and with Memnet. It was great. Todd returned, but he didn't have the stuff. He couldn't have the stuff. Why? Because I had the code in my back pocket and the keys in my front pocket! They had driven all the way to Kalihi in Honolulu traffic only to find out they couldn't get in. AUGH!

Another lady came that had the middle bedroom and cleared all of her stuff out, so I began to get that room settled for Connor. Mike and Todd showed up with even more help! Our friend Van and his friend Dan and our neighbor Dan all were there. It was great.

So they had one last load to do. I took the stroller to our place at Makaloa while the guys returned to the storage unit for the last load. I rescued Becca from our kids...she said they were good and she only had to change 2 poopy diapers and she had only watched Cars 3 times. No big deal (what a life saver she is).

We picked up a couple of pizzas and walked the one mile to Marco Polo (the new home).

By that time the last current tenant had arrived and was cleaning her stuff out of the master bedroom. We all enjoyed some pizza, but it was getting late and the kids were ready for bed (along with all of the movers). We decided to come back here and spend one last night. And that leads me to where I am now. Sitting at the computer waiting for 3pm to come so we can move our last load from this place and close the chapter on our lives that I like to call "renting". And begin the chapter that I call "renovation."


Emilee said...

Hey I like the new look of your blog- it looks strangely familiar! I can't wait to see pictures of the before, and after shots of your new place- and every step in between.

Heather said...

Mel, I wish we would have known about the moving so we could have helped!! Maybe I can help you unpack boxes during Idol.