Friday, February 2, 2007

Who is Todd?

Okay, so I am totally stealing this idea from my friend Heather. She listed on her blog the many things about her husband, Sam, that people may or may not already know. I was so inspired. What better way to think of my husband while he is at work than to make a list of those endearing qualities that made me fall in love with him, and make me continue to fall in love with him day after day. So, here it goes:
  • Todd is a morning person, NOT a night person.
  • Is a constant critic of his body...I thought girls were only like that.
  • When he has a lot on his mind, his lips will constantly be moving (mimicking what must be going on in his head), but no words come out.
  • Will usually try any type of food at least once.
  • Used to consider himself anti-social, but has recently been the first one to invite people over or the one who stays after church talking.
  • Has picked up golfing within the last few years, loves it (doesn't mean that he's a pro though...but he's working on it).
  • Really enjoys dressing up and looking sharp (hence the black and white shoes).
  • Showers every single day
  • Never misses brushing his teeth twice a day
  • Has been known to sit down in front of the tv with a jar of peanut butter and a solid piece of chocolate.
  • Favorite flavor of Ice Cream...Vanilla
  • Every time we get a knew movie he watches it at least 4 times before he will watch another one (now I know where Connor gets it).
  • Favorite movie....The Burbs
  • Todd has a serious it is difficult at times to determine if he is teasing or being serious...most the time he is teasing.
  • When he has some down time, he can be found in front of the computer watching tutorials on how to use his favorite computer programs....none of them involve games.
  • Isn't heavy into watching sports (you won't hear me complain).
  • Absolutely loves 80's music, all of it.
  • Steak and potatoes kind of guy.
  • He likes my cooking (weird, but sweet)
  • Makes the best Scrambled eggs, EVER.
  • Takes really good care of the things he owns (car, house, wife, kids)
  • Is an aspiring Architect with only 3 more semesters till he graduates with his ArchD.
  • Has had to adjust to some serious changes in his life. HE DOESN'T DO CHANGE. Or should I say, DIDN'T do change. He's getting better.
  • Is considering purchasing a Mac (computers are dying or dead)
  • He is very hard on himself and expects way too much from himself
  • He's not a pessimist, he's a realist
  • His favorite thing to wear when he is at home is this old pair of pajama pants...I threw his second favorite pair away, it had a huge hole in the knee (can you believe he actually wore/owned something with a hole in it!)
  • Knows exactly what to do to cheer me up when I am down
  • He's never down when I works out so well.
  • Favorite sandwich...Peanut Butter and Honey. Do you realize that he has eaten this for lunch every single day since Jan. of '06 and never complained.
  • Favorite Chips...Lays Plain (do you see a pattern, plain ice cream, plain chips, plain sandwich, plain burgers)
  • While living in Dallas, we would only eat out once a week. This is what Todd's dinner consisted of: Whopper from Burger King, French Fries from McDonald's, Shake from Sonic. Yes...we would drive to all these places. First to McDonalds cause the fries are only good when they are fresh and he could eat them while we waited in line at the other two places. Now there's a guy who knows what he wants!
  • Likes to enjoy wherever he is living. Thanks to our good friends Jay and Kelly, we learned a valuable lesson about life. Enjoy it and get to know your surroundings. So, every weekend wherever we lived in the last year, we made sure that we saw one of "the sights" or did something besides sit at home. We can tell you the great things about Dallas and Boston and Hawaii.
  • Feels so guilty if he ever scolds Connor. He quickly returns to Connor and cheers him up.
  • Can go for days without sleep if he has a big project due (then passes out for two days to catch up on lost sleep)
  • Doesn't snore
  • Does his share of work around the home
  • Is incredibly gifted with his hands. He had built and re-finished so many beautiful things in our first home and gets to do it all again in our new home. Plays the guitar and piano beautifully, does the dishes, draws incredibly well, and tickles the kids.
  • Loves and adores his mother (who doesn't)
  • Is always truly interested in what other people are talking about
  • Before going into Architecture had considered (and often times still considers) becoming a pilot.
  • Loves to dream about different projects, whether they be inventions, careers or architecture.
  • Before he had a life with me he snow and water skied.
  • Was perhaps, one of the most beautiful little boys ever.
  • When writing papers he reads and re-writes a sentence 12 times before he gets it looking the way he wants to....but then wants to change it again after it is handed in (way to critical of himself when it comes to writing)
  • Purchase a book to learn a new word a day
  • He really enjoys learning
  • Has a great sense of direction
If you think I have forgotten something, please include it in your comment. Isn't he a wonderful guy. I needed all should try it some time. It is quite therapeutic to write down things about the one you love.

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Heather said...

I love it Mel! Todd's an awesome guy. I learned a lot of new things about him. :)