Wednesday, April 4, 2007


The other morning, I had finished bathing Abi and knew that Connor needed a bath too, so I didn't drain the water. I walked into the kids room to get Abi ready and I asked Connor if he wanted to take a bath, and he replied, "Nope." So, that was that. I was lathering Abi with the lotion when Todd walked by and said to me, did you know that Connor is in the tub...with his clothes on?

Maybe it was opposite day, and "Nope" really mean "Yup." Todd helped him out of his wet clothes so that Connor could take a real bath. I took Abi into the living room and set her down, when like a bolt of lightning a little naked body came ripping through the entry-way, slipped, got back up and ran into the living room.

I would hardly call what he took, a bath. No soap was involved, I only hope the bubbles in the tub helped to freshen his skin a little. It did give me one of those great moments I'll never forget though. I'm glad I have Connor to make my world a little livelier.

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Heather said...

Cute and funny story!