Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

Guess what the very greatest of all my Mother's Day Gifts was...a computer of my very own! It's Todd's old desktop from school, but it works and it is updated and wonderful! I am up and running again. I can post pictures and keep myself updated on what has happened in my life. You do realize, this is my only form of journaling...I'm not much for handwriting things (so sometimes you may wonder why I blog something, cuz it isn't very interesting to you, but it is more for my sake). You'll notice that I added some pics to an old post. Todd spent all day Saturday getting this lovely machine in working order for me and I love it.

Connor, the little angel gave me these beautiful flowers. So cute!

I celebrated most of my Mother's Day yesterday. Todd suggested that I go and get my hair colored (roots were pretty bad) and a trim and also that I ask the beautician what was "going on with my hair". You see, I have these strange, what I like to call "baby hairs" on the front of my head, so when I pull my hair back into a ponytail (yeah, I know my hair is too short, but I can dream) it looks like I am a baby lion trying to grow a mane.

So, I went to the salon and the hair stylist looked me over and said that it was all around my head and the only suggestion she had was to cover up the front with bangs. So I got a little trim (to even out the back from the massacre that took place in November) and a color and some bangs. You can see the results.

Abi(Todd didn't know this), encouraged me (through her vibes) to pop into a day spa on my walk home from getting my hair done and get my eyebrows waxed, so I took my wise daughter's advice and did it. This was her gift to me.

I'd say it has been a great Mother's Day! I hope that yours is just as wonderful, you deserve it.