Friday, July 13, 2007

Lazy Day

Or not so lazy, I guess. This morning I got up and got all of us ready and had great intentions of folding the three loads of laundry I washed yesterday, but there was a pile of Duplo blocks and one cute little boy calling my name.

So I spent most of the morning building towers and Connor would knock them down (in between watching bits of Tarzan).

There was a knock at the door and unexpectedly Chelsea came over and brought little Matthew and Jonathan. So the boys began playing "baseball" in the living room while I enjoyed an hour of speaking grown-up with another mommy!

Then it was off to playgroup, it was just Chelsea and I and all the homeless people living in the park and the bus load of school kids. Both Connor and Matthew were intimidated by the older kids, so playgroup was cut short.

I called Todd, the kids and I walked to McDonald's and met him for lunch (thank heaven's for a dollar menu). After lunch the kids went down for their naps (in separate rooms...Funny Side Story...For Abi's morning nap she went down and didn't cry at all. When Abi woke up, I heard her playing and talking so I left her and waited for her to cry for me. When she wailed, I went in to rescue her and found toilet paper shredded up all over in her crib as though a dog had been in there! She had little bits of T.P. hanging out of her mouth and scattered in her hair. The playpen takes up so much space and is squished into the bathroom so tight, she could reach the T.P. roller and I had forgotten to remove it! She's so dang back to the real story) I had a decision to make:

1)Fold and Put away the laundry
2)Do the dishes (okay, there are only 5 in the sink...but I could have taken 3 seconds to do them)
3)Work on preschool lessons (Hey, I did two yesterday, okay!)
4)Study my scriptures and prepare my VT lesson for this month

Of course, being the wise and productive mother I am, I chose option #5. Here are the fruits of my labor:


Heather said...

Ooh, the scrapbook pages turned out so cute! Good job. That's hilarious about Abi and the TP. And I love the dollar menu at McDonald's too. So much.

Ethan's Mom said...

I've had to make the rule that laundry only comes out of the dryer if it is being folded onto the table. Otherwise, I just never get to it and we all wear wrinkly clothes!

Love to hear that other moms spend their days ignoring their housework!

Emilee said...

The pages look GREAT! I decided that there will always be laundry to do, but there's a limited number of days that we'll be able to play blocks and scrapbook while they're young. Way to go!!

ariches said...

So are these digital pages? They are very cute! Don't worry my laundry sits in the basket and then I fold it all over the floor and by the time I finally put it away, it's time to do laundry again!!!!

Heather, Dan, and Family said...

Gracie loves looking at pictures of Connor on your blog. They look adorable. I miss your little play groups at the park.

Brooke said...

I think you made the right decisions! Your chores will always be there. :) Great digi pages, too! I haven't scrapped in AGES.

Your kids are too cute for words.

Lori Bowen said...

Hi Mel! How are you?
Hopefully you remember me. Lori from Littleton, Angie's friend from the town homes they use to live in.
Anyway, I jumped onto your blog from Angie's blog and I just have to comment on your MOST ADORABLE page/blogs/pictures/scrapbook items...all of it. VERY CUTE and too sweet. You are a beautiful person and your children are a great reflection of you. I'm really happy for you guys too and your third baby on the way. Thats awesome. Very jealous of your living situation in Hawaii. I know its expensive but, who cares...ITS SPECTACULAR.
Now, if we could just get Angie blogging more...with more writing...don't ya think :)
Take care, relax and enjoy the kids...yes, there will ALWAYS be laundry.
Peace~~Lori Bowen :)