Friday, July 13, 2007

So Blessed

I know, I go on about these two all the time, but I cannot believe how well they get along. Connor has got to be the most adoring brother on earth.

I had lain Abi down on the ground to take her bottle one afternoon and Connor came bounding in. He saw her laying on the floor, ran back out and returned a few moments later with his blankies (yes one of them is was Abi's but he has taken it for his own, so he has two blankies).

He laid one blanket on top of Abi (the pink one that is supposed to be hers), and then laid down right next to her and covered himself up with the other one! Of course, he had to have a comfy pillow to rest his head on.

Another Connor thing that just cracked me up yesterday:

He LOVES Tarzan the movie. Whenever we watch that show he has to grab his plastic elephant and tiger and re-enact certain parts. We were watching it together yesterday and it came to the part where Tarzan kills Sabor (the cheetah). He grabbed the tiger, lifted it above his head and did the Tarzan yell, then placed it on the ground and walked away...just like Tarzan does in the movie. Yes, that's cute...but the funniest part was the facial expressions he was making. You know how in cartoons the characters teeth are almost always showing, well he clenched his teeth together and kept his lips open to show his teeth. It looked really nasty, like Esqueleto on Nacho Libre.

I have got to get this on video, you'll never believe how funny it is until you see it.

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