Monday, October 8, 2007


My apology is mostly to myself and my little kids. I have stopped taking near as much pictures and videos since we have arrived here in Utah! I am so dissappointed in myself. I have tried to disect the reasons why this strange phenomenon has taken place.

1) Since we live here, there is no need to take pictures of the kids...the family can see them all the time. But I forget that my family rarely reads the's those great friends that live out of state (and some that live in state) that read it...I am sure they would still love to see pictures of these growing little munchkins.

2) Busy. Yeah right. I feel busier, but I think I am only lazier.

3) My kids just don't do cute things any more. So there is no reason to take pictures. Ha Ha Ha. We all know that isn't true.

4) Convenience. When living in Hawaii, our apartment was the size of a shoebox, so the camera was always at hand, ready to take snapshots at a moments notice. Now I am living in this big home. That means that if the kids do something cute, I have to run and get the camera. I don't exactly "RUN" right now. I waddle, and it takes too long to go up and down the stairs. By the time I got the camera, the cute thing would be over...which would mean I would have to "pose" the kids and have them re-enact the moment. It loses it's luster after that.

5) Nature. It is the nature of man to stop taking pictures after the second child. The first child has lots and lots of pictures, the second and has some and the third has none. I cannot let this happen!

So to you who are still taking pictures...more power to you! What is your secret?

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