Monday, October 8, 2007

Special Projects

I have had some major therapy this last week. When I say therapy, it means that I have had the opportunity to do something that I like to do. This in turn means that my children get neglected because I use the time that I would spend with them doing something else. I force them to stay downstairs and watch movies or else take long naps.

Anyway, I have had a lot of fun doing these little things. My friend Katie is getting married this Friday and I have gotten to help make her a gorgeous puff quilt. When I learned about her bacherlorette party, I volunteered myself to make her a small pillow using the scraps from her quilt (ha ha ha...I am not very good at sewing). I have never emroidered before, or as Todd puts it "finished a sewing project" for that matter. So for this little pillow to be completed in time for the party was, in itself, a miracle! Let alone that you can actually read what I embroidered. Todd asked why I never do these types of things for us. Good question.

For those of you who can't make sense of my sewing "skills" the little pillow says "tonight" on one side and "not tonight" on the other. Woo-Hoo! I can sew.

The next little project was also for Katie. Instead of just having the regular old sign-in book at her reception, she wanted something a little more personal that she would open up again after the wedding. She asked if I would make her a scrapbook with just one picture on each page and room enough for people to write their name and a sentiment or two. What a great idea! I had never seen this done before. Here are a few pictures of some of my favorite pages and the cover of how the book turned out.


Lori B said...

Hi Mel! How are you? Good it seems, other then carrying around a bowling ball in your belly...and I mean that in the most loving way! I LOVE catching up on your blog. You make me smile, laugh, tear up, not feel so alone in motherhood and the trial and tribulations of it and most important of all...INSPIRED. You do some amazing and crafty things. You say your lazy...HAY!!!
The person(s) recv'ing your gifts you showed us are very LUCKY! I'm sure they know :)
We miss you...I KNOW FOR A FACT Angie misses you a lot. You should see Porter...too cute!!
Keep us posted. TAKE CARE!!
oxoxo~~Lori B.

angie said...

Love the book!!! Jaime did one of these for me and Spence. I seriously love it, it is still on our end table. The pillow is darling as well.

Emilee said...

The book turned out great! The pillow is adorable- what a fun idea!

Live everyday to its fullest said...

Darling Scrapbook MEL! YOU ROCK! So detailed and Beautiful! And you did a GREAT job on the fun! And Baby Carley is going to be here in like 4 weeks! That is so exciting! I can't wait! She will be just as beautitul as her mother...and DO GET SOME PICS UP PLEASE! I love looking at pictures! Especially of your sweet family! Miss you guys!

Amanda said...

Super cute book! I think I need one of those pillows. I'm afraid that I know what side it would always be on. ha ha. sooo sad.

Bethany said...

First, I have to agree with Amanda's comment. Mel, you're so talented. These all turned out so cute. We have a book like that too...except this one is MUCH cuter. Good Job!!!!