Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Thanks for all of your well-wishes. I have fully recovered from the surgery and labor...I am now working on recovering from lack of sleep. But doesn't that just come with it all.

Connor got sick last week, so I have been tending to his needs (no Nicole, we didn't get it from you guys so we are still safe to play). I tell you what, I don't necessarily like Connor when he is sick. Sorry kid...but he just whines and whines and cries and cries. The cold is winding down, so that means its time for another child to get sick!

Abi has begun teething (again). It looks as though she's trying to get in a few molars. So she's crying and crying and unhappy. Thankfully she will take regular naps so I get a little break.

Carly is adjusting to life and she thinks that she is starving when she is awake. I have had to resort to giving her anywhere from 2-4 ounces of formula after every feeding to keep her happy for at least 2 hours. I chalk it all up to a growth spurt.

Todd has been the most wonderful husband and daddy. He has completely taken over bedtime with Connor and bathtime duties with Connor & Abi. When he's home, I don't change either of their diapers. It's been wonderful. What's sad is that I am probably getting more sleep than he is. Connor had been waking up every other hour with this cold, which meant Todd woke up every other hour too.

Good news though, Todd doesn't have to go to Hawaii in December like we had planned. His committee is allowing him to do everything via conference calls and email (I don't know how you do it, Ang & Lori). I was mentally preparing myself for a week without Todd and now I don't have to.

Okay, now I'll work on the Tagged post and the Thanksgiving post...be sure to check the kids blogs if you want to know what cute and new things they are doing.

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