Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Living Room

A while ago, I posted about the decor in my sister-in-laws home and my own abode. There is a picture of a "gallery wall" with all three kids in 16x20" frames. The picture of them was taken from inside my bedroom, so to see them clearly, you had to stand in another room.

I had originally hung them in the hall, but with only 3 feet of space, looking at the pictures was like standing 6 inches away from a Monet (okay...they weren't that bad, but you couldn't fully appreciate the work of art from such a close stance). So I moved them out into the living room, right in the entry hall and I just can't stop admiring my beautiful little ones from a safer distance for the eyes.

And this is the final outcome of the project:

Here is the D.L. on the materials and such...
The photos of Connor and Abi I just took with my little digital camera and photoshopped them to become duotone. The picture of Carly was one that I scanned and also photoshopped into the same duotone pallet. I think I will update them annually or so...Abi and Carly already look so different to me.

The 16x20" picture frames are all different in molding. I inherited them from my artist grandma. I unified them by spraying them all the same shade of white.

The phrase is one of my favorites (what I used to call the blog) and my dad, through his company Sumo Printing provided me with the vinyl and he even came and installed it (with Connor's help).

Along with the earlier post I mentioned, there was the dilema with above the fireplace. Let me show you what it looks like now:

So where did the grouping of pictures go to? The wall to the right of the fireplace was vacant, so now these pictures have a nice little home in between the pink (free) rose chair and the sofa (craigslist find).

So the living room is ever-so-slowly coming together. I would like to re-upholster the chairs, hang long brown velvet drapes in the windows and change the carpet, also switch out the brass fireplace cover for something less shiny, get a black console for behind the sofa so I can put this really cute lamp on it that my mom got me for Christmas:


Heather B said...

I just LOVE that wall and the photos. You are such a great decorator. Funny about the mandarin cake...I'm sure you'll have it just right next time. And I love Carly's pillowcase dress, it is adorable.

Celeste Weekes said...

Okay! You are hired! I have so many odds and ends things I've collected over the years that nothing really "goes". You are so talented!!!!!!!!

Live everyday to its fullest said...

Your frint room is sooooooo cute! I LOVE IT!!!! You are so talented!!!! Maybe one day we will live by each other and you can help me with my house!!!!!