Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Just Braggin'

Way back in August, Todd's brother, Spencer, needed a new roof. But if you are going to rip off the roof and put some money into it, you might as well do it full-out, right?

Here is Spencer's house BEFORE Todd began designing a remodel for them:

Cute, small house that served the needs of that little family when they first moved into it. But, two more little ones joined the family and they started to outgrow the home (their little ones aren't so little anymore and each one NEEDED to be in a room of their own).

So, Todd drew up probably 6 different variations of a Craftsman/Bungalow style renovation. The end result doubled their homes size and has (what I think) MAJOR curb appeal:

They are working on the landscaping now and it is such a little jewel in their neighborhood.

Doesn't my Todd do AMAZING work? It's seeing projects like these completed that remind us that those ten years of schooling really paid off. He is good at what he does and loves doing it....especially when you get to see it finished.

It was really cool one day when we drove past Jordan Valley Surgical Center and Todd said, "I know that building...I helped work on that when I was with HKS....I haven't been able to see many of the projects I worked on finished."

I'm proud of my Architect. Super Todd.

Wanna know what else is Super about Todd? This weekend (probably because he did such an outstanding job designing our sprinkler system) he is going to Richfield to help put in a sprinkling system at his grandparents house. I encouraged him to go without me and the kids...Carly isn't one for traveling right now (or sleeping in unfamiliar places, or behaving well in other people's homes, or NOT being busy, or NOT yelling). But, he has ASKED to take Connor and Abi with him!!!!

That means that Carly and I, chillin' here at home. Just the two of us bonding. And Connor and Abi bonding with their dad (heaven knows Abi needs to realize that she is just as well taken care of with her dad as she is with me and she doesn't need to cling to me every waking second of the day).

PROJECT TIME!!! Connor has been asking us for months if he can have a "Jimmy Neutron" room. I posted some plans a while back and I can't wait to finally make them a reality for the super cute little guy (I am going to miss him so much, he's my helpful little one....he rescued Carly today when she ran away....about four houses down...by dragging her back home with her head trapped in his arms..he's so on top of it).

So, with two less children and a mom willing to help paint, I hope to be able to post some pictures for you by Monday night!!!! Wish me luck stripping wallpaper borders tomorrow.


Jeanette said...

Wow!!! I hope he got paid well.

Miranda said...

I LOVE IT!!!! Way to go Todd!

Heather, Dan, and Family said...

That looks fantastic! I need him to come and work on my house. Why aren't we neighbors now?!?

Janel Ogden said...

You do have a super Todd! I hope you get as much done as your planning while you are short two kids!

Celeste Weekes said...

That is so impressive. YOu both are so talented and creative! I bet Spencer LOVES it!

Wendi and Eric said...

Awesome Todd!!!