Saturday, May 23, 2009

Not on Schedule

So, I thought that I would be a lot further on Connor's room than I currently am.

The wallpaper took about 8 hours to remove.  It came off in teeny-tiny little scraps.  A very different story than the 15 minutes it took for me to remove the borders from Abi's room and my own.

Thankfully, I had some help and company from the lonely little boy I tend.  He informed me, while laying on the ground after many attempts at helping to remove the wallpaper that it was "the worst day ever."   Connor and Abi were in Richfield and the two babies were taking their naps so it was just him, me and PBS.  That's the kind of babysitting I do...I put the kids to work or make them watch tv.
I would have liked to have had the bed sanded and at least one coat of stain on it tonight, along with all the painting in the bedroom done. However, I will just have to settle on the walls being painted. I pulled of the tape where each of the stripes are and I am so excited with the way it has turned out. There is a lot of touching up to do (without fail, the paint always seeps somewhere). But I think I will be able to have the gyst of the room done in time for Connor's return home and his first glance at his new room.

But on a very different note, I have had a fabulous time one-on-one with Carly. You forget so quickly just how simple life is with just one child. However, when I had just one child I thought that it was the busiest most challenging time of my life...SO not true.

Carly has been a very different child these last few days. Maybe not different, because she has been acting the way she always acts when she is happy. It just turns out that her happy periods have been lengthened in their amount of time. She has been so cuddly and kissy and lovey and laughable.

Perhaps the biggest bit...I pulled out the camera to take the picture of the scraps above, completely prepared for the meltdown that always ensues whenever I pull out a camera and she said "cheese." CHEESE!!!!! So, I took the opportunity of her happiness took some pictures of her not screaming, hitting or yelling and even a fun video! You will have to go to her blog to check it all out.

But, one thing I will share with you (in case you don't want to see just how adorable Carly really is) is this little photo comparison:
Abigail, exactly one year ago

Carly, tonight...I know, it isn't her best picture.

That's right, Carly even sat still long enough after her bath to let me put curlers in her hair! This weekend has been so good for my relationship with this firecracker of a daughter.


Janel Ogden said...

I love those foam curlers--they are great! I am glad you've got to enjoy your time with Carly.

ashley said...

I noticed that Carly filled out the nightgown a little more than Abigal did. I have the same thing going on here with Brie and Chloe. I need some of your decorating wisdom to flow my way. I have a whole house over here and no desire to do anything at the moment. Can't wait to see the finished room.

Wendi and Eric said...

Oh, Carly is so adorable. She has the most kissable cheeks.

melissa said...

Mel~your Carly is adorable! Thanks for the heads up on Home Again 2~adding it to my list for next year! I wished we could have made it over to Gardner Village, I love that place...