Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Month of Thanks - Day #2

How could I not give thanks for the child that entered this world 4 years ago today!

I remember driving to the hospital the morning of her birth, and listening to Michael Buble's song "It Had Better Be Tonight." Good thing she came and it was that night!

Her first year of life was entertaining.  Carly was never a very solid sleeper, waking up 2 or three times a night until around 18 months old.  She was kind of a big blob, content to just sit and watch whatever was going on around her.

Then she turned 2.  Terrible Two's rang true with this one.  As you can see above, all objects that could leave a mark somewhere were used...every flat surface was her canvas.  Anytime we pulled out a camera, she would usually start screaming.  There was a lot of yelling during this stage of life, however, it was still cute and I probably didn't help the matter by laughing when she started into her tantrums.

Three years old, dancing and singing and dancing and singing and teasing and dancing and singing.  She  discovered that she was pretty good at singing and could often be found in the basement with little princess figurines in her own little pretend musical world.

 Now that our darling daughter is 4, she is starting to be more social with friends and has become a master at solving puzzles and can sit still for over an hour putting them together by herself.  Carly is incredibly independent, still a little bit of a tease, and just keeps improving at her movements through life in song and dance.

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Sarah said...

She is such a cutie. My sister visited our ward once while Carly was a "little" baby and she was absolutely amazed at how much sweet chub could fit onto one baby! She was such a chubby baby! So adorable. She's such a pretty girl and so much fun. I can't believe she's already four!