Thursday, November 3, 2011

Month of Thanks - Day #3

We've had some minor medical maladies amongst our family this year.  Nothing too serious.  Abigail had what we thought was appendicits, only it turned out to be a stone in her appendix that should dislodge on it's own someday.  It then turned into a series of UTI's.  Carly had a UTI, Dakota had an ear infection and every one of us came down with a cold that lasted about 10 days.  Anytime I get a cold, it always turns into a sinus infection.

However, after all of us took our proper medications to clear them up, I am so very grateful that each of us are now in great health and that the poor health issues we have experienced have been minor.

I am also grateful to live in a day and age where science and modern technology are available to relieve us of our discomfort.  A high tolerance for pain is not something that I posses, so it is probably for the best that a sinus infection is the worst thing I am inflicted with each year.

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Sarah said...

When it rains, it pours, doesn't it? The worst is when you're sick right along with everyone else, but it's still your responsibility to take care of everyone! The role of a mother is a demanding one!

Bladder infections are so miserable. I'm grateful that Abi didn't have appendicitis.

And thank goodness for modern medicine because it could be so much worse if we didn't have it!